Veterans took an oath to protect us. We promised them a lifetime of support. Help DAV Keep The Promise by thanking a veteran today.

What does DAV mean to you?

Real Veterans, Real Stories and Real Help.

"DAV is amazing. When in doubt, go to DAV and ask for advice before dealing with any other disability service first. Don’t try to do things on your own, DAV will help you every step of the way for any type of disability you may have, whether physical or psychological. Trust DAV and you’ll be in good hands."

Bob Body, Army Veteran

Your $10 leads to $340 in direct benefits to veterans and their families. Your support helps DAV to help veterans find jobs, connect to healthcare, and access other benefits earned through military service. Thank you for joining DAV to help America Keep The Promise to the men and women who have served, that we will be there for them when they need us- just like they were there for our country in its time of need.


"DAV allowed me to focus on everyday life and raise my children. I don't have to worry about whether or not I can afford my next treatment."

Nelli Hanson, Marine Corps Veteran

"I turned to DAV for help as I knew they would not fail me. DAV came through for me when I most needed them."

Susan Kowalewski, Widow of Vietnam Veteran Michael Kowalewski

"We owe it to these American heroes to take care of them following the sacrifice they made and DAV is doing that."

Andrew Brown, Husband of Veteran, Dr. Lisa Kirk Brown

"Because of DAV today I'm a better man and can support my family. I served 30 years and at the end of those 30 years when I got out I was too old to find a job. Without DAV I would probably be nothing."

Alexander Murphy, Army Veteran

"DAV advocated for me in a way that I could not have advocated for myself."

Adam Mayberry, Marine Corps Veteran

"DAV showed me how to present my case and told me about education support for different schools. If you’re lost, DAV is where to go to look for help."

Jessica Trevathick, Army Veteran

"DAV saved me. A lot of false information was cleared up by getting help from DAV and things began to fall into place.

I didn’t have to be in a wheelchair to get help from DAV. I had the impression that I could only get help from DAV if I had a visible disability. I want the world to know that DAV is here for all veterans and they will actually help without hesitation. Even during the holiday, when most organizations are not able to help, DAV was there for us."

Ebenezer Booker, Army Veteran

"It’s nice to have something to be involved with – with people who have the same experience; you have a connection with them."

Hurley Adams, Air Force Veteran

"If it weren’t for DAV opening the door, holding my hand, taking me through the process, I’d probably still be locked up in my home."

Stephanie Ruscigno, Army Veteran

"What was your worst experience of war? I say, mine was coming home. But then I went to DAV in Indianapolis. They’re working to help you and they get no reward for helping you — they have no personal agenda. They are an advocate for you. To them, it’s more than just a job."

Bob Stafford, Marine Corps Veteran

"DAV affords me and other veterans the opportunity to make something of ourselves after our military service. Thanks to DAV I can pursue my dreams while helping to support my family."

Ben Simmons, Air Force Veteran

"DAV has been a Godsend. All Troy’s claims had been denied, but DAV rechecked them and discovered an error. Thanks to DAV, my family will have an easier life."

Wendy McConnell, Widow of Vietnam Veteran, Troy McConnell

"I cannot say enough about DAV. They’re basically a caregiver. They’re basically a rock, an anchor, especially going through all the paperwork and testing. They’re just tremendous. We could not have done it without them."

Penny Stafford, Wife of Bob Stafford, Marine Corps Veteran